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This is just great: MySQL Search & Replace Really very handy when migrating WordPress from .com to .org. Just be sure to grab the latest code link. Thanks Eric Amundson!

Divide by Zero

I’m sure the developers at TeamViewer did this the very first time they had their software up and running, but hey, this is the most fun you can have with […]

Nearly two weeks ago I attended i40, or “Insomnia 40” to give it its full title, a LAN gaming event run by Multiplay UK. It is my once-a-year event where […]

I’m an avid amateur (digital) photographer, although I don’t get an awful lot of time nowadays (young children will do that to your “free time”) so anything that can save me […]

There’s been a lot of oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and I can’t resist it any longer. So please excuse me while I go and buy […]