Disable Windows 8.1 hot corners and charms bar

I just had a question of how to disable Windows 8.1 hot corners and the charms bar from a desktop user running multiple monitors. A quick bit of google-fu brought up the solution.

To save the user from themselves, I put this into a registry file that you can double click to import the settings into the registry. I also disable the top left and right hot corners for good measure as this user is in an entirely desktop environment and never uses any metro apps. Also, since this machine is sometimes used in a hot desk manner, I also disabled the Windows 8.1 “new user animation” which tends to take forever.

Here are the details of the .reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Get rid of mouse gestures for purely desktop machines.

; Disable the animations upon first login for new users.

Please note that you need admin access to import these settings into your registry. Furthermore, if you find yourself needing access to the Windows Charm Bar, you can still access it with the keyboard shortcut Win+C.

Disable Windows 8.1 hot corners and charms bar (767 downloads )

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