TL;DR Download and extract poweriso to the user binary directory. curl -o temp-download-delete && tar -xvzf temp-download-delete -C /usr/local/bin/ && rm temp-download-delete Convert the BIN+CUE to a single ISO […]

Bang this into cmder. mkdir %CMDER_ROOT%\config\.ssh and then this ssh-keygen -o -a 100 -t ed25519 -f %CMDER_ROOT%\config\.ssh\id_ed25519 Which will output something like this: Generating public/private ed25519 key pair. Enter passphrase […]

Updated for 2017-10-31 When developing websites, I’ve found it incredibly useful to be able to run, or install, multiple versions of Firefox on the same computer, side-by-side, simultaneously, concurrently – […]

This is just great: MySQL Search & Replace Really very handy when migrating WordPress from .com to .org. Just be sure to grab the latest code link. Thanks Eric Amundson!

I’m an avid amateur (digital) photographer, although I don’t get an awful lot of time nowadays (young children will do that to your “free time”) so anything that can save me […]

I’ve really got to get around to trying Panther on my girlfriend’s iBook. It’s currently running 10.1 (pussy cat?) and I think that although pretty it sucks as a general […]