Adobe Lightroom 3

I’m an avid amateur (digital) photographer, although I don’t get an awful lot of time nowadays (young children will do that to your “free time”) so anything that can save me time and hassle is always welcome. Adobe’s Lightroom 3 software is just one of those things. Ignore it’s excellent development mode for just a moment and the organisational abilities of this software alone are worth paying for if you shoot RAW.

I’ve been using the betas for some time and it really is a wonderfully well thought out piece of software. Version 1 was pretty amazing, but the level of polish on version 3 is outstanding (don’t worry, it still has its flaws). It’s good enough that it puts the Creative Suite’s UI to shame for the most part and makes me wish Adobe would just ditch their old UI and adopt the Lightroom one across the board.

Now I just need to get work to [amazon-product text=”buy a couple of copies of Adobe’s Lightroom 3″ type=”text”]B003N7O3CI[/amazon-product] so I can use it there with the design guy and save wasting a whole bunch of time and misery of using Adobe Bridge! (Yes I know it’s a lot better than it used to be in CS2, but it’s still not exactly great now is it?)

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