i40 and a new graphics card

Nearly two weeks ago I attended i40, or “Insomnia 40” to give it its full title, a LAN gaming event run by Multiplay UK. It is my once-a-year event where I can play computer games for as long as I like for four days. This year I decided that I would have a small computer upgrade to go with – a new graphics card, the GeForce GTX 460. For [amazon-product text=”the princely sum of £170″ type=”text”]B003VJW0WS[/amazon-product] I got arguably the best value card in its market segment and can finally retire my aging 8800 GTX.

The card performed admirably at 1680×1050 and 1920×1080 (HD) reslutions with everything turned up to max and some extra anti-aliasing forced onto some games that don’t support it natively – Starcraft 2 I’m looking at you!

The card is quite power efficient when idling in Windows, and I can’t hear it over any of the other quiet fans in my case. All in all, I recommend this card whole heartedly if you want something that is likely to last a couple of years.

I’m seriously tempted to go SLI with it so I can crank the AA to 32x and/or maybe give surround gaming a go.


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