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Setting up a Wordpress site using EasyEngine 3.7

Creating WordPress sites on a $5/month VPS such as DigitalOcean with EasyEngine is incredibly rapid.

Installing EasyEngine is a single command and then setting up a WordPress site with the following features is another single command.


  • HTTP2
  • SSL (https) with Let’s Encrypt
  • Caching
  • PHP 7.0
  • MariaDB

Install EasyEngine

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee

Setup the WordPress site

sudo ee site create --wpfc --php7 --letsencrypt --user=admin --pass=password

The result

I used this to get this current site loading in around half a second which is very pleasing. Let me know if you would like any further detail.

2017-08-15 update

Now just 361ms.

2022-06-22 update

Now 238ms without doing anything for 5 years except moving to – still on the $5/m DO VPS!

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