Effectively using em’s

After smashing my head against the spiked wall that IE5.x and CSS is attempting, in vain, to get em’s to behave properly so users can resize their own fonts and I can have some control over them myself I decided to have a snoop around. I can’t remember how I got there now, but I found an excellent em font article on www.clagnut.com. Make sure you see the comment by patrick h. lauke as that’s the real clincher 😉

Also, I’ve been toiling hard in the garden this weekend with Rebecca, my other half, and an old fried, Gillon. Pictures and a post to follow (once I’ve nailed this damn site).

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  1. glad to see my experiences with wranging IE into the semblance of a well-behaved browser are proving to be useful to people 😉

    patrick h. lauke

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