Overclocking Hardware

I’m seriously contemplating swapping my Abit NF7-Sv2 out for a DFI NFII Ultra Infinity. They’re both based on the NVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 chipset, but the NF7-S doesn’t seem to like my RAM 🙁

I’ve got 2 sticks of KHX PC3000 and my rig will just not stabilise if I run the RAM at anything more than 166MHz. Even 167MHz is toast. Random program crashes, data corruption, BSODs you name it, it all happens. Apparently the NF7-Sv2 simply doesn’t like double sided RAM, especially KHX *sigh*. I know my CPU will do 215+MHz FSB since I can run that with a stick of TwinMOS PC3700 I have (slack timings). But no matter what timings (high, low or SPD) and no matter what voltage I give the KHX I’m getting nowhere.

The Infinity also has 4 SATA sockets compared to two with the NF7, which will be good when I get another hard drive; it’s only a matter of time. Also, I’m led to believe that it also has the four CPU mounting holes around the socket, which is essential for my waterblock. Well ok, it’s preferable 😉

I initially tried some TwinMOS PC3200 with this NF7, and it was never 24/7 stable. Each time I’ve had a RAM issue with it I’m tempted to jump ship and buy a P4. Then I remember the price/performance ratio of the P4 and come to my senses. However, as I really do need to get a separate rig for work that I vow I will never muck around with once it’s initially built, I may well get a P4 with that. Hyper Threading sounds like it should keep things a little happier when I’ve got a tonne of programs open all at once.

If you need help overclocking or just want some hardware advice I seriously recommend you become a member of these two forums OCUK and Xtreme Systems.

Looks like I’ve got some reading ahead of me on that DFI board 😉

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