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  1. Hello there stranger. Just decided to look you up and am totally weirded out by the fact that you live in Bath. What the **** are you doing there? I’ve just moved out of Bath – been there for nearly 2 years! Still a big geek? How cute. I have put it all behind me to become an English teacher, which is what I’ve been doing in Bath (at the shit-hole Mickey Mouse University that is Bath Spa). I’m living with my sister in the big barn at the moment (you remember?) and am planning a move back up to Nottingham over the summer to start my first teaching job. I’ll be around Bath every now and then – I have some friends there and have developed an inexplicable fondness of The Huntsman. Drop me some words – I’d love to hear how things are in the world of Luke.

    – Nik

  2. WOW! You’re alive! Great to hear from you again. I’ll see about editing out your email address or you’ll get spammed to high heaven!

    Kinda freaky that you’ve been in Bath though…

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