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Category: software

Email before download ie8 test

This is a test page for the Email Before Download plugin by M&S Consulting.. [email-download download_id=”190761866″ contact_form_id=”190762130″] Download Monitor download:

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Run multiple Firefox versions simultaneously

When developing websites, I’ve found it incredibly useful to be able to run, or install, multiple versions of Firefox on the same computer, side-by-side, simultaneously, however you want to call it. When it comes to testing, it’s always sensible to see how things are going to be displaying in future browsers, but even more than that, when testing different permissions and profiles on a website, having multiple, separate browsers can really simplify matters.

I run with the following details:

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Forcing Windows 10 to update to version 1511 (build 10586) and solving the “A language pack isn’t available” problem

A Windows 10 Pro machine at work, that had been upgraded from Windows 8.1 Pro, was refusing the 2015 “November” update and also wouldn’t install the UK language pack. This greatly distressed the graphic designer since it swapped the ” and @ symbols around on his keyboard and stopped him from typing £ easily (thanks US input!).

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Better smartphone battery life please

I used to think this is my own fault but really, I’m not that intensive a user on my phone. From the information provided below I’d say it’s more of a wifi hardware/software issue. I’m not complaining about Cyanogenmod specifically, as reading around it seems that a lot of smartphones (not just Android-based) suffer from battery life issues. CM7 is a massive step up on the ZTE Blade compared to Orange’s horrific 2.1-based stock ROM, especially once you replace the default CM7 launcher (ADW) with LauncherPro.

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