Configuring the Red Scarf III 84 (RS84) keyboard layout

I have been envious of the neatness of my friend’s 60% keyboards for some years. I’ve also liked the idea of taking up less desk space and minimising the amount of movement I have to make with my arm when moving from keyboard to mouse.

However, whenever I’ve thought about the real-world use of a 60% keyboard, the loss of so many keys has always been a deal breaker. The Red Scarf III 84 key tenkeyless scratches that itch, but retains a full set of functions keys, along with directional arrows, Home, End, PgUp and PgDn.


  • Keyboard: RedScarfIII


[{w:1.75},"Caps Lock","A","S","D","F","G","H","J","K","L",":\n;","\"\n'",{w:2.25},"Enter","PgDn"],


  • Tools → Import Fn


  • Leave this default.

Download .eep file

Flashing the keymap

  1. Unplug cable from keyboard.
  2. Hold down far top left key – usually Esc.
  3. While holding down the top left key, plug the cable back into the keyboard.
  4. The Caps Lock LED should be flashing now.
  5. File → Print keymap.eep from Notepad.
  6. Leave this default.
  7. Leave all settings default.
  8. When you hit the Print button, the Caps Lock LED should flicker for a second or two and then stop.
  9. Once the Caps Lock LED is off, unplug the cable from the keyboard again.
  10. Plug the cable back into the keyboard!

This last part of the process should take less than a minute.

Good luck, have fun!


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